Palazzetto Pisani


     In 1615, when the family Pisani da San Stefano put Sansovino in charge of building their imposing Palazzo (today the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory), they could not give it a door to the Grand Canal. Canal access was a symbol of power, and an exceptional commercial asset.

That is why, in 1751, Andrea Pisani bought a sumptuous Palazzetto from the Marquis Giovanni Poleni. With this acquisition, he could connect his family’s home with the Grand Canal.

The acquisition greatly enhanced the prestige of the Pisani family. The previous owner, Poleni, was one of the most distinguished Venetians of his day, famous for being one of the youngest professors at the Universtiy of Padova, renowned as a self-taught mathematician, physicist, and architect. He even worked for Pope Benedict XIV on the refection of the cupola of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Eighteenth-century decorative elements are found throughout the Palazzetto: the magnificent painted wooden ceiling in the dining room, for example, and the coats of arms of both the Pisanis—a row of three gold stars—and the Polenis—a crouching lion.

In 1816, the building was sold again. In the following century, it had a series of famous owners, including the Duke of Genoa. It was eventually reacquired by a branch of the Pisani family.

In the late twentieth century, the Palazzetto hosted Countesss Maria Pia Ferri de Lazara’s famous literary salon, as well as cultural, political, and business personalities, including Marina Abramovic, Bill Gates, and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Restored as an intimate hotel in 2011, the Palazzetto Pisani welcomes visitors to the Serenissima who wish to experience Venetian life through its unique history and culture.

The Palazetto, in the heart of Venice, is the perfect location for the Club delle Arti.