Support The Foundation


     The Fondazione delle Arti-Venezia aims at protecting and enhancing the Venetian heritage and culture against the purely commercial initiatives that threaten the identity of the Serenissima. It is offered an alternative to mass tourism with the aim of developing a collective consciousness that respects the heritage of the city. The Fondazione delle Arti – Venezia brings together a circle of culture and art lovers and seeks to compensate the lack of promotion of quality events.

Thanks to your donations, you can support artists, artisans and researchers representing the authentic values that made Venice what it is today:

  • Aspiration to excellence;
  • Spirit of initiative and innovation;
  • Openness and dialogue with the cultures of the world.



You can support Fondazione delle Arti – Venezia and with tax benefits :

You can indicate the FDAV as the beneficiary of your 5x1000 (see how:)

In addition, every donation over  € 1000 provides access to the status of Friend of the Foundation. Friends of the Foundation will benefit of the following advantages:

  • Privileged access to 4 exclusive events of the Club delle Arti  (see events)
  • Direct contact with members of the Advisory Board, Team and the Director’s Board of the Foundation (see Team).



Thanks to the Grandi Mecenati  program of the Fondazione delle Arti - Venezia, you will be able to link your brand with an ambitious cultural project for heritage protection:

1. Mutual Exposure and visibility:

La Fondazione delle Arti-Venezia will provide Grandi Mecenati companies with a wide range of communication materials:

  • The Grandi Mecenati label to be displayed on your company's materials.
  • The inclusion of FDAV logo that highlights the company's contribution to the project.
  • The display of the company's brand and logos on the Foundation’s communication, banners, website and press materials


2. An exclusive access to the Venetian culture:

  • The FDAV offers 10 tickets per year for events at La Fenice theater, or discounts to Palazzetto Pisani, or with other partners for every Grandi Mecenati company.
  • Once a year, all the main sponsors will have the opportunity to meet at a bespoke event exclusively organized by the Foundation.
  • Every Grandi Mecenati company can grant the status of Friend of the Foundation to two of its members (see above)