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Meeting with Laura Valle - Attraverso Il Blu

Attraverso il blu is the catalog of the thirty shots in black and white of the homonymous exhibition in the chapel and nursing room of the Maria Vittoria hospital in Turin, in collaboration with ASL, district IV, Artes Media Project association, in the context of the XXX International Book Show of Turin.

Born as a photographic reportage from the desire to seek the sacred in the human, the spiritual in the material, or better in the physical of a moment as strong as birth, and even more in particular, in the suspended time frame of the next 24/48, documents a delicate moment in which physical labor is still present in the parturient, but already there is the dawn of a new role that perhaps must be built and learned.

It is not by chance that the exhibition is entitled ‘Through the blue’, because the blue-blue of a light and hopeful happiness, can in fact be crossed sometimes by the dark clouds of depression (baby blues) and its consequences" (from critical text by Silvana Nota).

In fact, the publication, edited by Laura Valle, is not only a catalog but also a pictorial tribute to seven mothers on the ten thousand of the largest screening in the world on postpartum women, conducted and published in 2013 by the American researcher Katherine L. Wisner, linked to seven different shades of blue and seven literary works: seven mothers / shades, each with love and joy, difficulties and fears, and a great need for help and understanding to make life grow.

The meeting, together with Laura Valle, will lead the public to intercept an important role of women, from nature to motherhood, from life to the various forms in which we welcome the Baby, inserted, the latter to grow in the planet Earth.

‘’Crossing the blue is to embark on a long hug with your child when you are born as a mother after delivery, with your mother when you are born as a child from the moment you see the light‘’.